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Thoughts on NaNoWriMo, Day 7

1. Did I seriously just change the word “milk” to “chocolate milk” because it’s one extra word? God, I’m desperate.

2. Who would my characters have voted for? Almost all of my POV characters are 13 years old…the only adult would definitely have voted Democrat. Dude grew up in Brooklyn, what else do you expect

3. Is it even possible to have a title before you’ve finished writing? Don’t titles stem from themes or important bits that you don’t know about before you start?

4. Decided to jump on the elliptical to see if I could jump-start my lazy brain and get some ideas. I got an idea, but it’s for a Naruto AMV that I’m never going to make because I don’t have footage. Some help that was. Oh well, at least my heart appreciates it.Is it cheating if I don’t deduct “Part 1, Chapter 4”, “Part 2, Chapter 1” and so forth from my over all word count?

5. Apparently, Sol’s need to use the bathroom is extremely important and worthy of spending multiple paragraphs describing. So is Kenny’s concern about what kind of pizza Andrew eats. Self, this story has a murder in it. Priorities much?

7. I just misspelled “cranky” as “crankly.” Now I want “crankly” to be a word.

8. Apparently, I forgot to decide what any of my characters look like except one, Austin. Austin was the template, so his stats appear under every single character. Austin is 6’3 and 200 pounds, he has a beard and he has sideburns. This description appears under Nanette, a four-year-old girl. Yup.

9. Writing two scenes at once is a good thing. I’ve found that being bored while writing is not always a sign of bad writing, it can be a sign of being partially brain-dead as a consequence of staring at the screen all day. As such, being able to flit between scenes is really helping.

10. When I finish my goal for tonight, I’m still going to be a day behind. I just can’t stare at the computer screen anymore, and I need to make dinner. My eyes are killing me, and my stomach is growling. 500 more words.

11. Self, stop listening to Clumsy by Our Lady Peace. That song is your inspiration for Little Bloody Rivers, not this new story. You’re going to start writing about Rue and Kit if you keep this up, and you’re supposed to be writing about Kenny, Andrew, and Sol.

12. I’m 30 words away from 10k, and I’m totally checked out. Oh, and that’s the goal for yesterday, but it’s all that’s going to happen today. Ugh. Maybe another line about Sol needing to go to the bathroom?

13. 10K 10K 10K!!!




*This list will be updated whenever I have something of note to report. Additionally, it will serve as a links page for entries discussing these projects.

1. A novella about a teenage boy named Andrew whose best friend murdered his little sister. Andrew is obsessed with revenge, dependent on his tutor for the affection he no longer receives from his parents, and furious with his other best friend, who could have stopped the murder but didn’t.

Progress: I have written an outline. I also started a word document entitled “Novella”, which has no words it it as yet.

2. A short story about two teenagers trying to figure out a place to bang outside in NYC.

Progress: It’s about halfway done in terms of the plot, but it’s going to need a lot of editing.

3. My 2011 NaNoWrimo Novel, Find a bird and put it in jail. It’s the second draft of a story about a woman named Rhiannon who can make people sick by touching them.

Progress: About 40 pages. I’ve got all the characters living in the same house now, but the plot hasn’t really started to move yet. I’ve got a long way to go.

4. Editing my 2008 NaNoWriMo Novel. This is a complete story about two badly damaged teenage boys who slowly develop a meaningful and idiosyncratic relationship. Either that, or they exude seme-uke stereotypes, because I developed these characters as a twelve-year-old weeaboo. I’ve written their story in many different ways, ranging from a series of short stories, to a 347-page novel that was so awful that I can’t look at it without laughing. My 2008 novel is the version I’m satisfied with, but it’s a hot mess. It needs editing.

Progress: None. This project has been stagnating while I focus on short stories.