Step by step by step…

Angelhands, a story about Natalie Heidelmann, a girl with the ability to make people sick by touching them, has just been rejected from Asimov’s Magazine. This is after being rejected from Daily Sci-Fi and The New Yorker. Unlike some my stories that were widely rejected, I have yet to come to the conclusion that the work isn’t good enough. I still believe in the quality of this story. I just haven’t found a home for it as of yet.

I’m not sure what angle to take with it. So far, I’ve been submitting to paid markets. I don’t know why, I guess I was feeling ambitious. The fact that I want money could also be a factor. The New Yorker was obviously rather unlikely. The other two were both difficult to break into, but I thought they were worth a shot because my story can be categorized as sci-fi. From here, I’m not sure where to go. Do I keep trying with paid markets, or is that an exercise in futility? Do I keep trying with sci-fi markets, or do I send it to mainstream literary markets?

Sigh sigh sigh. All is complexity and woe.



  1. Margarita

    Keep trying EVERYWHERE, Anna. My friend over at told me that he has drawers full of rejection letters, like badges of honor. He just kept submitting stories everywhere and, eventually, someone contacted him about writing something that became his children’s book, Sara Gives Thanks, and is doing very well in the traditional publishing market. You correctly say that you just haven’t found the right home for your work. Keep going! All the very best, xoM

    • Anna Lindwasser

      Drawers full of them! That’s surprising considering how many publications are completely online these days. Even those that ask you to mail your work in will frequently email you the response. But still, an accumulation of rejection letters is the common fate for pretty much every writer. Considering how many of us there are out there trying to get publications to notice their stuff, it’s not surprising. Congratulations to your friend, by the way, that’s wonderful that he was able to get a book published. Anyway, thank you for your confidence!

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