DDR Master

I initially started this blog because I got a story accepted at Black Heart Magazine, and they wanted you to have a website for your work. I figured it was best to start one up and start trying to be at least moderately professional about this. It’s possible that saying that automatically makes me unprofessional, but oh well.

This is my latest offering to the literary world. It’s a short story called DDR Master. I wrote it one winter while visiting my parents in upstate New York. Up there, the winters are so cold that it’s almost impossible to go outside, and the roads are too icy to walk on without risking your neck. I’m sure it’s totally doable for someone used to the climate and has appropriate shoes, but I’m not, and I don’t.

Because I couldn’t go outside much, I started playing a lot of DDR with my siblings in order to keep my limbs moving. The game was addictive, and I ended up playing it for hours every day. I started thinking about an emotional reason for someone to do that–mine was physical, and it wasn’t a very interesting story, but if DDR was filling a hole in someone’s soul, it could be.

This story was the result of that thought process. The unnamed main character’s entire life revolves around getting perfect scores on the Wii version of DDR. She has no friends, no family, nothing to occupy her time but the game. She had a boyfriend, but they recently broke up. The obsession with the game might be her way of dealing with losing him, but it might also be her general pattern of dealing with life.

It was published on September 7th, 2012 at Black Heart Magazine. You can read it here.


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